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  • Listening to: Soundtracks
  • Reading: Manga stuff
  • Watching: iron man
  • Playing: League of Legends
  • Eating: sometimes
  • Drinking: too much with
Today starts the Animaco in Berlin. We drive early in the Morning  so we will be there at 13:00.
I'm really looking forward to it. Meeting my friends again
and of course taking some awesome Photos.
I will write a short report, when I'm back till then, have a nice Weekend!
  • Listening to: Soundtracks
  • Reading: Manga stuff
  • Watching: iron man
  • Playing: League of Legends
  • Eating: sometimes
  • Drinking: too much with
Just feel the flow and ride on it to the tops.

Wanted to update my Journal, it was about time.
Have all a nice day! =D
  • Listening to: Duel of the Fates
  • Reading: Scheibenwelt
  • Watching: The Mummy
  • Playing: ~~
  • Eating: never ever again o.o
  • Drinking: Water ^^v
I´m not only uploading new photography, I´m also writing a journal. *wave

I want to thank all people who watch me and fav my photos. Again and again I get a warm feeling and I get really happy.

Love you all!! And I think I will show more activity than before. =D *hope lies in my heart*

And thank you Andy for the watch....>_>°° NOW...DUDE  gnahrf
  • Listening to: simple and clean
  • Reading: nooo
  • Watching: scrubs
  • Playing: nooo
  • Eating: noothing o.o
  • Drinking: coke xD
i was tagged by :iconforeverfallen304:


|1|.Post these rules
|2|.Each tagged person must post 8 things about themselves on their journal.
|3|.At the end you have to choose 8 people to tag, and post their icons on the same journal.
|4|.Go to their page and send a message saying you tagged them.
|5|.NO tag-backs.

1. i like Kung Fu, since the 2.1 i do it in a club and its cool =D
2. somestimes i feel alone >_<
3. my current favourite manga is "Histories strongest disciple Kenichi" o.o yay rulez =D soo funny xD
4. i like cats xD oke oke to easy...mhm... sometimes i am a impatient person ^^°°° sometimes its not good xD
5. i have the feeling my heart for the card game yu gi oh will never go ^^
6. at the moment i take not much photos so i train the ability to edit photos
7. ...must....tidy room >_>
8 i seachring fr a part time job as programmer =)

sorry for my english ^^°

Have a nice day =)
  • Listening to: Papermoon
  • Reading: nooo
  • Watching: suprnatural
  • Playing: nooo
  • Eating: something from the backfactory
  • Drinking: coke
i only want to wish you all Merry Christmas!!
With a mountain presents and food and all the stuff =D

And thanks to all people who fav my photos and watch me =)

bye bye
  • Listening to: Style-Nishino Kana
  • Reading: Softwaremodelling with formal methods XD
  • Drinking: orange juice
tagged by :iconchibinis-chan: thanks..... -.-°°°° XD

Each person tagged must write 8 things about themselves in their journal.
If you have already done it, give a link to that journal.
You must tag 6 more people. *smirk>D*
You must go to their site and tell them they've been tagged.

1.) I am fat ;_;
2.) its easy to bewilder me ^^°
3.) i like soul eater so much o.o
4.) I have the ability( or  call it curse) to talk and talk and talk...(hours later) and talk >_< and then i am afraid of getting on their nerves ^^°°°(komplex nr XX)
5.) I like it to be in my little colored world(there is in my head =D), but then somebody noticed it their locking strange because of i am not doing 4.) -.- my little world....
6.) i like dual monsters so much ^_^
7.) mhh it would be strange if my camera isnt on my side, since i have so much fun since my nikon  is by my side
8.) Sometimes i dont know what to say XD
(done..only 8 what a luck XD)
So now i must search for 6 people...muhahahaha

tag list
  • Listening to: resonance
  • Drinking: tea
Taken from :iconchibinis-chan:  and :iconprincess-soffel:

The first 10 people who comment on this journal entry will be having me go through their gallery and pick out 3 of their devs and feature them here. In return, you should do the same in your own journal to other people. ^^

(my first journal XD)
Edit: o now i have 1-10 and x,y,z that should be enough xD

1. :iconfujimiyaran:………

2. :iconkirrarra:………

3. :iconrawien:………
4. :iconukeforcy:………
5. :icondanacyrus:………
6. :iconhoney-cut:………
7. :iconsilhouettedwhim:………
8. :iconchristilite:………
9. :iconfujiwaraayumi:………
10. :iconnanoi:………
x. :iconkamikyo:………
y. :iconninifee-chan:………
z. : :iconshiori-k:………
yay XD